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Dan Coe

Fresnel Lens and Three Ships

Fresnel Lens and Three Ships

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I initially created this digital artwork while exploring the mirror tool in Procreate on my iPad. I believe the symmetry inherent in these extraordinary lighthouse lenses contributes to the otherworldly allure of this remarkable piece of technology.

Transform your space with this 22.25”x15.5” canvas print, stretched on a 3/4” wooden frame. Enhanced using acrylic paint and signed with the year 2019.


In the realm of art, a canvas print embellished with additional painting and brushwork is often referred to as a "mixed-media" or "mixed-medium" artwork. This term underscores the combination of different artistic materials and techniques used in its creation, blending the digital reproduction of a canvas print with the tactile elements of traditional painting. This fusion allows for a unique and layered artistic expression, offering a bridge between the contemporary and traditional facets of the art world.

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